Team building events

Team building in various cities of Latvia

This is Teamwork. With result of a team effectively working together in team competition with tasks tended to trust, collaboration, communication, efficiency planning, cohesiveness and productivity. It is a good way to get your team united, ease workplace stress and get to know each other better. It is important for members to know their role, because in the larger picture it increases the groups productivity.

Sample team building event for 80 people:

10.00 Arrival at Sigulda
• Registration ( diving of 6-7 team; bracelets)
• Breakfast or coffee brake
10.30 Good morning! Start to open active part.
• Event goal, idea, plan
• Team identity: name, slogan, captain, goal, values... Short team presentations
11.00 Activites
• Team sports
13.30 Lunch in restourant
14.30 End of activity, gathering results. Closing part
15.00 Beach teatre

  • Venue: Woods, Country side, Guest house, City center
  • Specifics: Boat rides, Ski rides, Hiking
  • Best season: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Team building is a great way to connect the team by overcoming imitative obstacles and communicating.