Sample events

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City competition - a fun and entertaining team building game where participants try to find hidden city treasures, visit city’s famous monuments, walk through the historical streets and places, think smart to solve clues, perform tasks, complete challenges, explore the city in a different way.

Team building - a team competition with tasks tended to collaboration, communication, planning, dividing roles and trust. It is a good way to get your team united, ease workplace stress and get to know each other better.

Conferences are necessary for the company's growth. We believe that incentive events help to motivate, inspire, reward, and excite your audience.

Gala events - celebrations, glamour, style, dancing... Event performance - from luxurious abundance to fine simplicity - depends on the goal.

Movie events - involves the entire team where actors and directors are selected for the respective roles. Script episode planning and filming. Movie presentations at the Oscar's awarding ceremony.

Sample event packs:

1. City competition in Riga

Provided details:

Group - 34 persons • Event Language: ENG • Venue and Time: 27th June 2018 • Duration: 5HRS

17.00 Gathering at the selected venue: Riga Old town
17.10 Introduction part
17.20 Active part
• Teams receive a brief and fulfill different analytical and creative tasks at different points of the city, tended to mutual understanding and trust, giving and exchanging information, planning, role play, initiative and creativity
• Some tasks are oriented to communications skills and thinking outside the box
• Teams receive points for precise solutions, speed, creativity etc.
• Specific objects, museums, bars, cafes or degustations can be included in the route
20.00 - 20.30 Handing in results at the final location café “Pasēdēt”, Stabu street
20.30 Dinner
21.00 Closing part
• Solution of each task, results, standings, awarding
• Drinks, snacks

2. Gala event in Jurmala

Provided details:

Guests ~ 300 persons • Event Language: LV/RU • Venue and Time: 21th January 2018 • Duration: 7HRS

19:00 - 19:45 Guest arrival, welcome drink
Guests arrive at the event on a pink carpet, pink champagne at the entrance 19:45 Evening opening ceremony, staff award 8 pm Dinner
20:30 Limousine Rides
20:30 Song Contest
20:35 Pink soap bubble show
20:50 Creative Workshop - Caramel Workshop, Photo Cabin (photo available instantly)
21:00 Live Music (1st Age)
21:40 Dance Show
21:50 Lottery
22:00 Illusion show with guest involvement
22:15 Costume show, award
22:25 Live Music (2nd Age)
23:40 Competition
23:40 Coffee, cake
00:00 Live Music (3rd Age)
00:40 - 2:00 Dancing / DJ

3. Conference in Riga

Provided details:

280 persons • Event Language: ENG • Venue and Time: 2nd February 2018 • Duration: 3HRS

17.00 Gathering at the selected venue: Library ''Light Castle''
17:20-19:30 Conferences in 3 diffrent halls
20.00 Closing part
• Drinks, snacks

4. Team Building in Sigulda

Provided details:

Guests - 80 persons • Event Language: ENG • Venue and Time: 25th June 2018 • Duration: 5HRS

10.00 Arrival at Sigulda
• Registration ( diving of 6-7 team; bracelets)
• Breakfast or coffee brake
10.30 Good morning! Start to open active part.
• Event goal, idea, plan
• Team identity: name, slogan, captain, goal, values... Short team presentations
11.00 Activites
• Team sports
13.30 Lunch in restourant
14.30 End of activity, gathering results. Closing part
15.00 Beach teatre