Movie events

Movie events

Filming of a movie - teamwork on creating a movie: picking the team and genre, role dividing, picking the director, script episode planning and filming. Movie preview at the evening in Oscar Night Ceremony.

Sample movie event for 55 people:

• Setting up filming groups, Selection of the genre
• Distribution of roles
• Participants receiving requisites and costumes

Filming part:
• Each group collaborates with a camera operator
• Groups make their own scenario
• When the movie is ready, participants are getting ready for the Oscar’s award ceremony

Oscar’s awarding ceremony:
• Dinner, fine wine, fancy dresses
• Each group presents their movie with a poster and a story
• Premiers
• Jury, Oscar awarding’s speeches. Nominations – the most attractive film, best actor etc.

Movie event is an amazing opportunity to meet the colleague's fun and gallant sides.

Example of a movie.