Gala events

Gala events

Gala dinners can be held to celebrate a special event for the company to say compliments to colleagues or celebrate the time spent together. Our goal is to analyze the values of the company and create a concept of the event that reflects the client's goals. From luxurious abundance to fine simplicity. Gala dinner usually consists of three or four dishes, which has been prepared by professional chefs . The event includes decorations, branding, decorations and luxurious rooms. Most often, events are organized in places that have easy access and are usually near the city center.

Sample gala event for 300 persons:

19:00 - 19:45 Guest arrival, welcome drink
Guests arrive at the event on a pink carpet, pink champagne at the entrance 19:45 Evening opening ceremony, staff award 8 pm Dinner
20:30 Limousine Rides
20:30 Song Contest
20:35 Pink soap bubble show
20:50 Creative Workshop - Caramel Workshop, Photo Cabin (photo available instantly)
21:00 Live Music (1st Age)
21:40 Dance Show
21:50 Lottery
22:00 Illusion show with guest involvement
22:15 Costume show, award
22:25 Live Music (2nd Age)
23:40 Competition
23:40 Coffee, cake
00:00 Live Music (3rd Age)
00:40 - 2:00 Dancing / DJ

Gala events - celebrations, glamour, style, dancing... Event performance - from luxurious abundance to fine simplicity - depends on the goal.