Events in Sigulda

The little Switzerland in Latvia - Sigulda

On the banks of the Gauja River lies one of the most picturesque towns in Latvia. Be sure to visit for breathtaking views and adrenaline-fueled activities troughout the year.

Sigulda is a place where you can feel the taste of history. It is the Paradise of a painter. The south-western part of Sigulda features the mighty Beite cliff which is split by a deep stream valley. From the west cliff area that is 67 m above the Gauja river, offers a good view of city Krimulda and the Turaida Castle.

There is so much to see and do in Sigulda : The new castle of Sigulda, Sigulda Castle District, Livonian Order Castle of Sigulda, Sigulda Evangelical Lutheran Church, Air Cableway, Bungee jumping, Zipline" Zērglis", Adventure park " Trazāns" and Festivity square, Serpentine, Bobsleigh and luge track, Krimulda Manor, Krimulda Medieval Castle ruins, Gūtmanis cave, Painters ( Paradise) hill, Skiing Centre, Devil's Cave Rocks, Wind tunnel " Aerodium".

Due to the Gauja ancient valley and its beautiful surroundings, Sigulda is called The Little Switzerland. The city is part of the Gauja National Park.