Events in Riga

The capital of Latvia

From striking medieval churches to exciting museum, contemporary restaurants and trendy cafes, experience over 800 years of history in the cobbled streets and squares of Riga’s charming Old Town.

Riga is the geographical center of the Baltic States. Due to its geographical location on the Baltic Sea, Riga has been an important center of trade, finance and culture for centuries. During the 800 years of its existence Riga has learned much from the big countries like Germany, Poland, the Netherlands in crafts, social life, education and culture.
The historical heart of Riga – Old Riga and central parts of the city are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Riga has hundreds of reasons for attracting international students – its rich history, architecture, spacious gardens and parks, museums, art galleries, opera and daily treats like a walk in the enormous colorful central market or going to a cozy cafe, club or pub.
With professional and active work in the field of event management, we have successfully organized business seminars, international conferences, meetings and other corporate events.

The best way to meet Riga is the city competition event.

Riga is the capital of Latvia and the main industrial, business, cultural, sports and financial center in the Baltic States, as well as an important port city.